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Collection: Wallpaper

We bring you the kindest removable and reusable fabric wallpaper on the market!  Made from the highly trusted removable fabric that is - Phototex! 
We are highly regarded in the interiors world, as the go to place for kids wallpapers and kids room inspo! Not just a retail store, we aim to thrill you with beautiful design, decorating, and styling ideas to get your own creative fires burning. 
Here you'll find exclusive wallpaper designs by your
fave Aussie and international artists!  
Our wallpaper is made to order, and created especially for your wall.  We provide you with nice big panels (up to 120cm in width) to avoid lots of joins...
this saves time on installation, and provides a much neater finish. 
Our wallpaper is DIY... once you purchase your wallpaper, there is no more to pay.
Life is boring without wallpaper... so get shopping and fill those walls with beauty. #TEAMWALLPAPER
Our wallpapers can be printed up to 3m in height x 4.8m in width.  If your wall is bigger than this, get in touch to discuss a custom quote.


143 products
  • Amelie Earth
    Amelie Earth
  • Amelie Spring
    Amelie Spring
  • Andie
  • Animal Spots (several colourways)
    Animal Spots (several colourways)
  • Audrey's Garden
    Audrey's Garden
  • Australia the Wallpaper
    Australia the Wallpaper
  • Belle Swan Bleu
    Belle Swan Bleu
  • Block Colour Wallpaper - Half Walls (several colourways)
    Block Colour Wallpaper - Half Walls (several colourways)
  • Blooming Peonies
    Blooming Peonies
  • Blooming winter
    Blooming winter
  • Bohemian Sunrise
    Bohemian Sunrise
  • Boho 2
    Boho 2
  • Bonnie
  • Bouquet Cream
    Bouquet Cream
  • Bouquet White
    Bouquet White
  • Camel
  • Candyland
  • Carousel Rose
    Carousel Rose
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
  • Clyde
  • Cottontails Blossom Pink
    Cottontails Blossom Pink
  • Cottontails Pastel Sky
    Cottontails Pastel Sky
  • Crysta the Ballerina Fairy
    Crysta the Ballerina Fairy
  • Dotty Blue
    Dotty Blue
  • Dotty Rose
    Dotty Rose
  • Dotty White
    Dotty White
  • Dusky Bouquet
    Dusky Bouquet
  • Eve’s Fairy Garden
    Eve’s Fairy Garden
  • Fairytale Ice Blue
    Fairytale Ice Blue
  • Fairytale Princess Pink
    Fairytale Princess Pink
  • Falling Flowers Pink
    Falling Flowers Pink
  • Falling Flowers White
    Falling Flowers White