Current turnaround time is approximately 1-2 weeks plus shipping for wallpaper samples, hacks, wall decals and accessories and 2-3 weeks plus shipping for full sized wallpapers, cubby wallpapers and arch decals. Free standard shipping within Australia. Shop with Afterpay.



Before installing our decals, it is imperative that you thoroughly read our product information and safety policy.

Application is simple. Our decals are easily applied by a novice installer.

Remove oil, dirt and dust from your wall.  Give the wall a wipe over with a lint free wet cloth or sugar soap for older walls.  Allow to dry completely for 24 hours. Do not use cleaning products.  The wall must be smooth and clean before application. 

As a first step, you can leave the backing paper on, and place the decals on the wall with blu tack to ensure perfect placement.  However, this is not absolutely necessary as they are re-positionable.

Peel, stick and smooth… simply peel the backing sheet down around 10cm, being careful not to touch the adhesive. Stick it down, then remove the backing sheet while applying the decal to the wall or surface.  Smooth your clean hand over the decal to push it flat to the wall. 

Note: We would suggest keeping the backing sheets, in the event you are moving house/ repositioning; stick them back on to the backing sheet for easy transport.

Our fairytale castle and arch decals have specific installation instructions... see instructions in the individual product descriptions.

If installing a large arch decal or any large decal, at least 24 hours before decal installation, apply two coats of Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat with 4mm nap roller. Allow drying time between coats as per directions provided by Viponds. More information is found here:


To remove, use your fingernail or blade of a knife to lift the edge of the decal, then peel back slowly.


Our vanity and table top covers, as well as our Hide and Seek mud kitchen splashbacks are made from vinyl and laminate. This is not a reusable product like our wallpaper and decals. We use this product on these particular surfaces because it 100% waterproof and can be cleaned with mild solvents after messy play.

Peel back the vinyl approximately 5cm. Line it up correctly, make sure it is in the perfect position before sticking. Then peel, stick and smooth as you go. Use a credit card or your clean hand. Press down firmly.

After installation, trim any excess with a sharp knife.


To remove, use your fingernail or blade of a knife to lift the edge of the vinyl, then peel back slowly.