We are taking a short break from Sunday 21st February to Sunday 28th February. We’ll be back in the office on Monday 1st March. We will continue processing outstanding orders upon our return. Current turnaround time is around 6 weeks for domestic orders, longer for international orders. Thanks for your love and patience, Kristy, Dean, Maree and Jon xo

Collection: Wallpaper Samples

We bring you the kindest removable and reusable fabric wallpaper on the market!  Made from the highly trusted removable fabric that is - Phototex! 
Try before you buy! Before you purchase your wallpaper, we welcome you to try a sample, allowing you to fully experience and test the design, texture, colours and patterns. Our samples also allow you to see how easily
our wallpaper can be applied and removed from your wall.
Our A3 true to scale samples, depict a section of the image, exactly how it would appear on a life size wall.  The true to scale samples will provide you a sense of the resolution of the image.  Please note: The resolution of some designs may not appear completely crisp, but please remember, on a full sized wall, our designs are pure perfection.  Check out our socials for lots of examples of our beautiful wallpapers.
If you would like to see the full design, feel free to purchase a sample pack which includes both an A3 true to scale sample and an A3 not to scale sample, allowing you to fully appreciate the full image.


139 products
  • Peony Garden White
    Peony Garden White
  • Faux Wooden Panel Ultra Light Grey
    Faux Wooden Panel Ultra Light Grey
  • The Little Wildflower
    The Little Wildflower
  • Terrazzo White & Pastel
    Terrazzo White & Pastel
  • Forest Leaves Sage
    Forest Leaves Sage
  • Peony Garden Duck Egg
    Peony Garden Duck Egg
  • Faux Wooden Panel Pink
    Faux Wooden Panel Pink
  • Minnie
  • Audrey's Garden
    Audrey's Garden
  • Songbird
  • Palms Sunset
    Palms Sunset
  • Seeds & Po White
    Seeds & Po White
  • Vintage Floral White
    Vintage Floral White
  • Flower Wall White
    Flower Wall White
  • Terrazzo Whimsy
    Terrazzo Whimsy
  • Faux Wooden Herringbone
    Faux Wooden Herringbone
  • Flower Wall Pink
    Flower Wall Pink
  • Palms Sage
    Palms Sage
  • Palms Golden
    Palms Golden
  • Terrazzo Pink & Copper
    Terrazzo Pink & Copper
  • Bouquet White
    Bouquet White
  • Peony Garden Grey
    Peony Garden Grey
  • Block Colour Wallpaper for Hacks and Dollhouses (several textured colourways)
    Block Colour Wallpaper for Hacks and Dollhouses (several textured colourways)
  • Peony Garden Pink
    Peony Garden Pink
  • Wildflower Garden White
    Wildflower Garden White
  • Belle Swan Bleu
    Belle Swan Bleu
  • Seeds & Po Blush
    Seeds & Po Blush
  • Falling Flowers White
    Falling Flowers White
  • Hello Moon Mural
    Hello Moon Mural
  • Falling Flowers Pink
    Falling Flowers Pink
  • Blooming Peonies
    Blooming Peonies
  • Boho 2
    Boho 2