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Refund Policy

Our wall decals and wallpaper are made from a premium quality opaque fabric... PhotoTex! Our fabric contains a patented glue formula that doesn’t weaken or harden on your walls over time. This means your wall decals are removable & reusable when used as per the product information.

Terms explained:

Reusable: Means your wallpaper and wall decals are able to be reused for as long as they remain in good condition and free of dirt or damage. You should always follow the product information, safety policy and installation instructions found on our website. Wallpaper or wall decals that become unusable due to improper use; damage or dirt are unable to be replaced, returned or refunded. 

Removable: Means our wallpaper and wall decals will adhere and peel off easily when applied to the correct surfaces. Our wallpaper and wall decals are not suitable for use on:

Teflon based paint: PhotoTex is not recommended for application over paints containing Teflon.  Teflon paints act as a repellent to the adhesive. Always check with the paint manufacturer before installing this product.

Washable Paint: PhotoTex is not recommend for application washable paints e.g. dulux wash and wear. “Wash and wear” or “washable” paints contain an additive that acts as a repellent to the adhesive. In Australia, these paints are commonly known as “wash and wear” paints.  Multiple Australian and international brands stock these “stain resistant”, “washable products”, "wipe clean" products.  We advise our consumers to ALWAYS check with the paint manufacturer before purchasing our product. Do not rely on the product information listed on the manufacturers website or on the paint tin, customers must contact the paint manufacturer directly.

Textured walls: PhotoTex is not recommended for application on textured walls/surfaces e.g. bricks, concrete, raw timber.

Paint without a base layer of primer: PhotoTex is not recommended on paint without a base layer of quality primer or paint that is flaking or in need of repair.  We suggest that you always employ a professional painter to prepare your walls with a good quality undercoat and good quality paint (not teflon based or washable paint).  We do NOT recommend the use of paints containing primer or undercoat... these should be applied as individual steps.

Freshly painted walls: Do not apply PhotoTex to freshly painted walls. Allow approximately 4 weeks for the paint to completely cure.

Humidity: We do not recommend our wallpaper in areas of high humidity e.g. bathrooms and laundries where a dryer is frequently in use. Nor do we recommend our wallpaper be used as a kitchen splashback behind a stove top or sink. Laundries without a dryer, powder rooms and butlers pantries are suitable. 

We are unable to refund wall decals that have been applied to any of the above surfaces and 'don't work’ as a result or have become damaged. 

Paint Damage: Our wall decals and wallpaper are designed not to cause wall damage. If your walls have not been adequately prepared prior to use or are in dis-repair, you can experience paint damage caused by the improper application of the paint. 

We do not offer returns or exchanges:

Our wallpaper and wall decals are made to order; therefore, we do not provide returns or exchanges.

If you are unsure if our wallpaper or wall decals will work in your space, please purchase an A3 wallpaper sample in the first instance, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

If you do not feel confident installing the wallpaper, please utilise the services of a professional wallpaper installer. We offer an installation service in Melbourne and surrounds.

We are unable to replace products or provide a refund for products that have been incorrectly installed.  Please read our product information, safety policy, wallpaper installation instructions and/or wall decal installation instructions thoroughly, before installing our products. 

We are unable to return or replace products that have been installed, and the colour or design is not what you imagined. We advise you to always order a sample before purchasing our products.


On the odd chance that the item you have received is incorrect please contact us immediately on receipt. We will arrange for the item to be returned and a replacement issued. Any item held for longer than 14 days, we will not replace.

Warranty Policy: 

All items are individually packed and have been thoroughly quality inspected before leaving us. On the odd chance that you think your item is faulty please contact us within 14 days of receiving the items. Items used for 14 days or longer are considered to be in good working order.

Our products are covered for manufacturing faults only. This means damage to the printed side image or damage to the glue side or your wallpaper or wall decals. Please note our wallpaper and wall decals are hand painted art, there will be inconsistencies in the image that are intended by the artist. 

PLEASE NOTE: The resolution of some designs may not appear completely crisp, but please remember, on a full sized wall, our designs are pure perfection. Colour can vary between print runs, so please allow variance in the colour of the samples versus the colour of large scale wallpaper and wall decals.  

Only errors that do not match the displayed image will be accepted as fault.

Things not covered by warranty:

·         Normal wear and tear

·         Damage arising from application or use

·         Damage arising from improper use or misuse

·         Damage, wear and tear as a result of improper or lack of maintenance and/or care

·         Damage to external or product packaging only

·         Insignificant minor variations in dimensions, colour or finish

·         Where instructions have not been followed 

PLEASE NOTE: The backing for your wallpaper is made from paper. It is possible your backing paper will scrunch or slightly crease either during transit or installation. This wont affect the end result of your wallpaper. Even if your wallpaper looks a little scrunched it will smooth on to your wall.

If there is an issue with your order: 

Of course, if there is a fault in the fabric or print production, we may provide a replacement or refund, however this is at our discretion.

In this case, you will need to follow this process:

1.  Contact us within 7 days of receiving your order & you must provide photos of the problem via email.  The return must be received within 14 days. We will reimburse the cost of the return shipping if we have agreed to the return.

2. The item is returned in new condition and not used, and has all original packaging in-tact (including the original shipping mailer/ tube/ box). 

3. Your item must be returned and inspected prior to a decision on whether a warranty repair will be accepted.

4. We may decide to repair or replace over a refund depending on the issue. 

5. If a refund is accepted this will be processed within 14 days of receipt of your goods.

6. If the returned item does not meet the conditions of this policy, no refund or credit will be processed. The item can be retuned to you at your cost.

Due to safety - we cannot accept change of mind returns on any item.