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About Us

 Hi there, I'm Kristy (in the white) and this is my family!

I started designing and styling children’s rooms when I was pregnant with our first child, our gorgeous Minnie. In 2017, our family-run wallpaper and wall decal business started by chance. I was designing Abigail's nursery for my beautiful friends, and I couldn't find a wallpaper design that I absolutely adored. I happened to speak to my brother, Jon (in the bow tie) about my love of wallpaper, and I showed him inspiration pictures for Abigail’s nursery. Owning his own sign company (in partnership with my Dad, Dean - to my left), he told me that he and Dad could print me a “peel and stick” custom wallpaper for the nursery. I was so inspired and excited, that I spent hours finding exactly the right artwork to turn into an amazing wallpaper.

Baby Abigail’s nursery featured a never seen before custom floral wallpaper... our Peony Garden (white) wallpaper. This beautiful peony print was an immediate hit with our followers on social media, everyone wanted it, it was the design that sent Instagram into a frenzy.  So began Minnie and Me Interiors, peel and stick wallpaper and wall decals.  

I think it’s my eye for beautiful floral prints, and my Dad and brother’s quality workmanship that has led to the success of our business. Someone said to me recently, that everyone on Instagram knows where to go for floral wallpaper… yep, Us! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me! We haven’t looked back since creating Abigail’s wallpaper!! My Dad, Jon and I now create full sized wallpapers and decals as well as smaller wallpapers for dollhouses, play kitchens and lots of other hacks. Dad, Jon and I love working together in our little family business with the help of my Mum, who takes care of shipping our products to their new homes. I’m based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and my family are based in The Goulburn Valley, Victoria, where all of our wallpapers are lovingly produced.

My room designs, and our wallpapers have been featured in the press. See the list on our home page. 

Feel free to get touch to discuss your design project, or for assistance with any of our products. Given my love of interior decorating, I’m happy to assist those who are purchasing our wallpapers with styling ideas. We’d also love to hear from artists who are keen to collaborate.