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Collection: Hide & Seek Cubby House Wallpaper

We bring you the kindest removable and reusable fabric wallpaper and decals on the market!  Made from the highly trusted removable fabric that is - Phototex! 

We provide wallpapers cut to size to fit the feature wall of your Hide & Seek Cubby House. Simply select your cubby from the list, no measuring required!

Your wallpaper will be provided in one or more drops depending on the size of your cubby.

You will need to add flat surface to apply your wallpaper to.  We have used both ply and corflute to create a flat wall, which have both worked really well, but my personal preference is corflute, as it is easier to work with! Talk to your local hardware store about having the the ply cut to size.  You can cut corflute to size yourself.  You can apply the wallpaper to the ply or corflute before attaching it to the cubby, or after, either is fine... it will all depend on the size of your cubby as to which is the easiest option.  For example, for the smaller Archie cubby, we used one piece of corflute, and attached the wallpaper to it before attaching the corflute to the back wall with double-sided tape.  For the larger Frankie cubby, we installed the ply wood wall first, attached it with liquid nails, then installed the wallpaper.  Recently for the Stevie cubby, we applied the corflute first, attached it with screws, then applied the wallpaper once it was insitu. See our blogs for more helpful tips.

And finally... yes, you can use our wall decals in your cubby too! No need to add a flat surface, apply them straight to the painted wooden walls, and push into the grooves or straight over the grooves, whatever tickles your fancy.

Hide and Seek Kids is a family run company, just likes ours.  We love to support small! Contact Annette and her lovely family to purchase your Hide and Seek Cubby here:

Do you have questions? Your most common questions are answered on our blog:

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