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Everything you need to know about making over a DOLLHOUSE!

Dollhouse wallpapers are one our most loved products, and with over 100 designs to choose from, we have the biggest and most beautiful range on the planet. Our dollhouse wallpapers are made from the same high quality peel and stick fabric as our full sized wallpapers. Read all about it here: 

We were introduced to the magical world of dollhouses by the very talented, Jennifer from Whimsy Woods. She creates the most beautiful heirloom quality, bespoke wooden dollhouse furniture and décor. We are so lucky to own many of her unique pieces… our Minnie absolutely loves playing with her designer dollhouse. She is particularly taken with her “mini Minnie wardrobe”… a mini replica of the vintage wardrobe I upcycled for her room.

I’ve put together this blog to cover the most commonly asked questions we receive. I hope it helps you to create your own special keepsake for your little love.

1/ Start with the wallpaper:

Always choose your wallpapers first, then base your interior design around them… exactly like you would for a life sized room. Mini soft furnishings e.g. bedding and cushions should be selected to compliment your wallpaper. Save or screen shot your favourite designs from our website, then use an app like pic collage to create a mood board. This will help you to choose designs and colours that will compliment each other. Choose a mixture of floral or patterned designs, and pair them with more simple designs such as faux panelling or tiles. Head over to @whimsy.woods or @calevie_designer_dollhouses on insta to see how it’s done! Are you on a budget? Wallpaper just one or two rooms as a feature, and paint the rest, just like you would do in your own home.

2/ Some important facts about our wallpaper:

The scale of our wallpaper designs get bigger, the larger the sheet size you order, so we recommend you choose only A4, A3 and A2 for your dollhouse project (A3 is the absolute best scaling for dollhouses). Our Ikea Dukitg splashback also works for some dollhouses. A3 size only is suggested for panelling, flooring and tiles, any larger and the scale of the print will be far too big. If your space is larger than the size of an A3 sheet, just buy multiple sheets and match the pattern.

Our wallpaper designs are always printed landscape. There are some designs that you can use portrait if you like, e.g. panelling, tiles or some of our florals. It just depends on the look you are going for.

Our wallpaper can easily be trimmed to size with a sharp knife and metal ruler, and you can match the pattern as needed… do this by joining the wallpaper with overlaps for a seamless join (do not butt the wallpaper up), overlap it like we do on full sized walls. See our wallpaper installation instructions here:

3/ How to guide:

  1. Measure the dollhouse rooms – height x width in cm
  1. Choose from our dollhouse sizes: A4, A3, A2 or even our Ikea Duktig Splashback if you need extra width.
  1. Trim the wallpaper to size using a sharp knife and metal ruler.
  1. Peel, stick and smooth. It’s that easy! Reposition as needed.
  1. If you need to, you can overlap the wallpaper to create a seamless join.

4/ Our fave dollhouses:

Dollhouse cabinet: 

The Victorian Dollhouse: 

The Beach House:

Annabelle Victorian Dollhouse:

Also check out eBay, Facebook marketplace and Gumtree for similar. I found our Victorian dollhouse on Gumtree for $100.

Conservatory Dollhouse:

Dollhouse bookcase:

Budget buy:

Ikea Flisat Dollhouse:

6/ Our fave dollhouse furniture and decor stores:

Budget buy: Kmart sell a range of bargain furniture packages for $9 per set. I used these in the Flisat dollhouse I did for Lorinska and her girls. Read here:

7/ Tips:

Whimsy woods are launching some wooden flooring soon. Keep your eye on her socials for the release date @whimsy.woods. Our customers have also used our faux wooden flooring, faux wooden herringbone, faux pink panelling, white herringbone and pink herringbone wallpapers as flooring. 

For the Tiny Harlow cabinet… order x2 A2 wallpaper sheets.

For the Ikea Flisat dollhouse… we suggest ordering x4 A3 pieces… x2 of the same design for the first floor and x2 different designs for ground floor.

Each wallpaper sheet is an individual piece. Our wallpapers do not join at the edges. However, if you buy multiple sheets, it is easy to find the join and match the pattern.

An easy method I used to cut my wallpaper for the Tiny Harlow cabinet to the correct size, was to make a template out of cardboard or similar. I then placed the template onto the wallpaper, and cut the wallpaper to size with scissors (don’t tell Dad I told you this... he suggests a sharp knife e.g. Stanley knife only for a neater finish).  

Please do not order a true to scale A3 wallpaper sample for your dollhouse project, as it will not be scaled correctly for a dollhouse. A true to scale sample depicts a small section of the image as it would appear on a full sized wall… the design is big… you might only see a tiny part of the flower, so you will be super disappointed if you expected the full design.

Our wallpaper does not stick to paints containing Teflon or “wash and wear”/washable paints or textured surfaces e.g. bricks, concrete, rough timber. We also do not recommend applying our wallpaper to freshly painted surfaces; allow four weeks for the paint to completely cure. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to your wallpaper not sticking correctly. 

Shop our dollhouses wallpapers here:

Shop extra cute pieces for your dollhouse here e.g. teeny tiny kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, and even more dollhouse wallpapers:

Remember to tag us in your photos on insta! Happy decorating!

Kristy xo

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