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Tutti Frutti Arch Decals
Tutti Frutti Arch Decals

Tutti Frutti Arch Decals

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Tutti Frutti peel and stick arches are here!

No more messy and time consuming painting. No more unevenly painted, imperfect arches... now you can simply peel, stick and smooth! And even better, remove it without having to repaint when you’re ready for a new look.

Framed by a pink border to ensure they’ll pop on any coloured wall, including white. 

x8 sizes available (height x width in cm): 

1/ 220x120 - XL 

2/ 190x90 - L 

3/ 205x80 - mix and match set 

4/ 166x80 - mix and match set 

5/ 130x80 - mix and match set 

6/  103x46.5 - Mini - recommended size for Hide and Seek cubby houses. 

7/  153.4x120 - Grande 

8/ 76.6x60 - Petite 

The mix and match set are available individually or as a set of 2 or 3. 

Style these however you please... to frame a desk, bed,  artworks or a play kitchen. Or purchase a set of three to create a fun feature wall. Hit Pinterest for inspo. 

To install:

Our arches come in one large panel for easy installation. One panel also means no join lines.

Installation literally takes minutes.

You’ll need x2 people to install our arches.

Person 1 lines the base of decal along the floor or architrave, and holds it steady during installation.

Person 2 peels the backing sheet down about 10cm, then sticks and smooths it onto the wall. Person 2 then uses a level to check that both sides are straight. Repeat the process of peeling down 10cm and sticking until the entire decal is installed. Use your clean hand or squeegee to firmly smooth the decal onto the wall.

More installation tips are found here: