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Growme Arch Decals (various sizes) | Removable PhotoTex Wall Decals

Growme Arch Decals (various sizes) | Removable PhotoTex Wall Decals

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Arch decals by Growme Melbourne.

These arches come in six sizes - XL, L, midi, grande, petite and single bed. The larger arches are available in x2 options: 1/ a complete arch decal in one piece (luxe width) or 2/ two pieces with a cut line down the middle with a 1cm overlap - the two pieces will form a complete arch (standard width). 

Custom sizing is available, please send us an email for a quote: hello@minnieandmeinteriors.com

To install:

Our arches come in one large panel (luxe width) or two pieces with a 1cm overlap (standard width). 

Installation literally takes minutes.

You’ll need x2 people to install our large arch decals.

Leave the backing sheet on, and place the arch on the wall with blu tac to ensure perfect placement.

Person 1 manages the base of the decal during installation. Use a level to ensure the base remains straight. Person 1 holds the decal steady during installation.

Person 2 peels the backing sheet down about 10cm, then sticks and smooths it onto the wall. Person 2 then uses a level to check that both sides are straight. Repeat the process of peeling down 10cm and sticking until the entire decal is installed. Use your clean hand or squeegee to firmly smooth the decal onto the wall.

More installation tips here: