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Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)
Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)
Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)
Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)
Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)
Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)

Shop Front Decals (for the fridge section of the Kmart Kitchen)

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Completely transform your Kmart play kitchen with our colourful decal sets. Create your very own shop in minutes... simply PEEL, STICK and SMOOTH (and trim). This provides hours of imaginary play, learning and fun! 

We have two stores to choose from: 

1/ Cafe 

2/ Smoothie Bar 

And better still, our decals are fully removable and reusable, so you can change them whenever you like, without any damage to your kitchen! 

Available in several colourways (the same as our decal sets for the front of the kitchens, plus black to appear like a blackboard), our store decal sets include: 

X1 decal for the top fridge/freezer door - heading - cut slightly bigger than the intended surface, trim on install.

x1 decal for the bottom fridge door - price list/ menu - cut slightly bigger than the intended surface, trim on install.


To purchase, use our drop downs to select:

1/ the shop front

2/ the colourway 


A word from our artist... 

Hello, I’m Phoebe, a stay at home working mum, to a busy but independent four year old daughter!

As a childcare educator for the past seven plus years and now running my own Family Daycare, I know how much time and effort goes into planning and building onto your child’s play areas. 

I’ve found that I’m setting up a new theme in the play kitchen to extend the level of interest and explore a new way of role play with the children. But it’s also a lot of effort, planning and can end up being expensive printing everything off! 

I wanted to design something that can be used in an open ended way, that you can add ‘extras’ from around the house to suit the shop front and it can be taken down and re-used whenever you want! 

I’m a very excited to be collaborating with Kristy and her team to bring these Shop Fronts to families who don’t have the time to create their own! We hope you love them as much as we do! 

Love, Phoebe  xx @creativelittlemindsfdc


You can also purchase the following pieces separately from our hacks and dollhouses tab to add a touch of floral or contrast: 

1/ A full decal set to completely cover the front panels of the kitchen - come slightly larger than the intended surface. 

2/ A wallpaper splashback - comes cut to size.

3/ A wallpaper bench top - select x1 60cm (h) x 90cm (w) sheet, and trim to size.

4/ Faux rattan to cover the x2 Perspex sections on the microwave and oven - both come slightly larger than the intended surface. 

Other ideas:

1/ Add new handles from your fave insta store or local hardware store.

2/ Add our kitchen accessories pack. Find it in our play kitchen tab. 

3/ You may like to spray paint your handles, sink and tap, but do seek advice about how to prepare the surfaces before painting.

Shown in the feature image:

- dusk decal set 

- dusk smoothie shop front 

- faux rattan white for Perspex sections 

- tutti frutti splashback 

- terrazzo pink and copper bench top 60x90  

Decal installation: Where possible, we suggest applying the decals before assembling the kitchen.  This is just for ease of installation, but isn't a necessity.  Remove the handles and oven knobs before application. If your kitchen is already assembled, you could remove the doors to apply the decals. 

To install, remove the backing sheet entirely, then stick the decal. Reposition as needed. You need to get the positioning right to ensure the decal covers the area you are attaching it to. Keep the adhesive clean from dust and debris, as these can inhibit the adhesive. Once installed, use a sharp knife to cut a small cross in the decal where the handles screw in.  Then re attach the handles. 

We have prepared the decals slightly larger than the intended surface. We do this to ensure that the green cupboards are fully covered. Install the decal as described above, lining it up perfectly so the font/images are centred.  Once installed, trim the sides with a VERY sharp/ brand new Stanley knife or box cutter blade. Fraying will occur if you do not use a sharp knife as the decals are made from peel and stick fabric, not vinyl. Use a metal straight edge ruler when trimming if you are not comfortable to cut free hand. Make sure to perfectly cut the decal right along the edge of the surface. Do not leave any over hang which can catch on the floor/other parts of the kitchen, as this can lead the the decals peeling back over time. We have that found having two people to apply the decals is helpful, it makes lining them up much easier. 

Please note: there may be some variation in the size of Kmart kitchens, meaning that the decals may fit differently on each unit. We have prepared the decals to the best of our ability and we can not guarantee perfect coverage on every unit. 

***The colours seen here will appear slightly different when printed, as the website photos are a representation only.

Our decals are made to fit the current model of the Kmart play kitchen, shop here: