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Vinyl for table tops, vanities and outdoor mud kitchens

“Why is the Kmart vanity top more expensive than your other products?”

A very common question I get asked.  And here is the answer: our table tops, vanity tops and Hide and Seek Kids mud kitchen splashbacks are made from vinyl and laminate, not fabric wallpaper.  They are more expensive for this reason... we use two different materials to make them, and they are more labour intensive to produce, hence the higher cost.  We make them with vinyl and laminate because these materials are more hardwearing, they can be wiped cleaned after messy play with mild solvents.  Mud, make up snd/or for example would stain the fabric wallpaper over time.

1/ The 60x60cm size is perfect for kids tables, desks or other pieces of furniture e.g. a bedside table.  If you require a custom size for a tall boy or large vanity, get in touch and we will provide you with a personalised quote.  

Purchase a table here:

If you prefer to use our fabric wallpaper over vinyl and laminate, simply purchase our 60x90 piece and trim to size, but please remember that our wallpaper can only be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and some foods may stain it. 

2/ The Kmart vanity measures 34.3cm depth x 48cm width, we prepare the vinyl and laminate to size, but you will need to trim the rounded edges will a sharp knife on installation.  If you'd like to cover the stool also, simply purchase separately a sheet of our A3 dollhouse wallpaper and trim to size yourself.  If you don't want to pay for vinyl and laminate, purchase our A2 dollhouse wallpaper and trim to size yourself... but remember, we do not recommend messy play with make up on our fabric wallpaper.

Purchase the vanity here:

Seen here is our Blooming Peonies print. Pic by @tegan_jean

Seen here is our La Rochelle Cool Pink print by @blond_noir. Pic by @everyday.muse

Use an A3 dollhouse wallpaper to cover the stool, as seen here. Trim to size with a sharp blade. Seen here is our Minnie print. Pic by @woolandwilliow

3/ Our Hide and Seek mud kitchen splashback fits this kitchen:

It is prepared to size, and covers the blackboard area. If you have a different mud kitchen, please get in touch and we will provide you with a personalised quote.

Seen here is our La Rochelle Cool Pink print by @blond_noir. Pic by @everyday_muse

You will find the product information and installation instructions for our vinyl and laminate products here:

Tip: It's much easier to install the vinyl and laminate before assembling your furniture, but this isn't essential.

Here is Jon installing the vanity top and mud kitchen splashback for Lorinska's cubby: 

Jon is using a brand new, sharp blade to trim the edges of the kmart vanity top.

Jon is using a soft squeegee to smooth down the mud kitchen splashback.

Happy hacking,

Kristy xo