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Introducing the Estelle Vintage Bed by Hide and Seek Kids

Introducing the Estelle Vintage Bed by Hide and Seek Kids. We love it when Annette and her team at Hide and Seek Kids launch something new… it means we get to style it! Woohoo! 

People are dealing with financial hardship right now, but still want to create beautiful spaces for their little loves.  I came up with an idea to create two kids’ rooms on a budget.

Penelope and Florence's Room by Minnie and Me Interiors

I styled the Estelle beds in white in Penelope and Florence’s room. I combined pinky peach tones with lilac. I added bold floral bedding with on trend checkers and traditional gingham. 

Here are our top tips for decorating on a budget: 

Tip 1. Choose well made and classic bedroom furniture

Choosing good quality furniture e.g. a bed, whilst a bit of an initial outlay, means it will last for years to come. Annette designed the Estelle Vintage Bed with longevity in mind. It was inspired by classic, French design, therefore it will never go out of fashion. Estelle is available in two colourways, natural or white, accommodating any home and aesthetic.

Shop Estelle here:

Tip 2. Use a small feature piece of wallpaper or wall decals

Love wallpaper, but don’t have budget for a full wall? No problem.

I used a small piece of our checkers wallpaper as a feature between the two beds. Nowhere near as expensive as doing a whole wall, but absolutely effective and a big statement. A wallpaper piece this size starts from $135.

Shop checkers wallpaper here:


Arch decals remain hugely popular, and are perfect to frame a bed or provide a statement on a blank wall. Arches are available in block colours or in any of our wallpaper designs. An arch this size starts at $150.

Shop checkers arch decals here:


With wall decals you can create a wallpaper look and a big impact for a fraction of the cost of wallpaper. 


Tip 3. Reuse!

Not everything has to be brand new!

The vase, lamps, books, and artwork used in Lorinska’s little girls’ room were all pre owned.

Search for pre loved goodies on Facebook marketplace, or at op shops or markets. Accept hand me downs from friends and family. Or why not re use something beautiful from your own childhood room.

Tip 4. Declutter 

Consider what you can donate to charity e.g. books or toys that are in good condition, but that no longer get used or are no longer age appropriate, need to find a new home.

Books, toys, trinkets that are still much loved, can be put away in cupboards or baskets. See what happened when I decluttered this room…



Tip 5. Linen and cushions - shop during sales!

Wait for sales! The bedding in Lorinska’s girls’ room was purchased on sale at Adairs for 40% off RRP!

Also check out: Spotlight,Target, Kmart and Ikea for bargains.

Penelope and Florence’s room product list:

Estelle vintage beds and mattresses: @hideseekkids

Bedside tables: @we_will_prop_you

Butterfly decals, wands and cushions: @littlecustomcreations

Checkers wallpaper and arch in lovely lavender and super soft peach:



Photo credits: @asiya_and_maye (room 2)