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How to install peel & stick wallpaper... tips from our pros

Did you know my Dad and bro are sign writers by trade? That makes them master printers and master installers 🙌.


Here is Jon (my bro) in the black, and Dean (my Dad) in the white...


Here are some wallpaper install tips from our pros, Dean and Jon:


Before you even order your wallpaper, make sure your measurements are correct. Measure and measure again! We make your wallpaper to the measurements you provide. We suggest adding an extra few centimetres yourself.. it’s better to have more than not enough.

Read how to measure here 👉 https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/pages/faqs


1/ always prep your wall with our clear self adhesive prep coat if your wall is painted with a washable paint or a Teflon based paint. Washable paints contain an ingredient which repels peel and stick wallpaper - that is all peel and stick wallpaper, not just ours. Don’t know what your walls are painted in? Then ALWAYS prep... just in case! We pride ourselves on our well researched, therefore extensive and thorough product information, as well as our wallpaper installation instructions... we’ve spent hours on these documents, please read them in full to get the most out of your wallpaper.

Purchase your prep coat here 👉 https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/products/self-adhesive-prep-coat?_pos=1&_sid=8ee1e23f1&_ss=r

Read our product info here 👉 https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/pages/product-information

Read our installation instructions here 👉 https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/pages/wallpaper-installation

2/ firstly, clean the wall with a damp cloth and allow the wall to dry fully before installing your wallpaper... dirt, dust or oil will damage the adhesive. Do not use chemicals, only water.


3/ our luxe panels are printed in nice wide drops to avoid lots of joins... our wallpaper drops are double the width of every other wallpaper company... that means less panels for you to line up! Winning! For a regular sized wall, you will get x3 panels from us, and x6 from our competitors! That’s x2 joins versus x5 joins! Always ensure the correct placement of panel 1! It sets the tone for the whole wall. Most walls are uneven, therefore we recommend placing panel 1 over the top cornice (not in line with it) to allow for uneven walls... we allow 5cm extra on the height to accommodate this. Just trim it later.


4/ to apply the wallpaper: pull down the backing sheet a small way (about 10cm) then peel, stick and smooth! Press down FIRMLY with your squeegee which is provided with your wallpaper. Repeat! Never remove the whole backing sheet in one go, slow and steady.


5/ additional panels: it’s your helper’s job to line up the pattern on each subsequent panel, whilst you line up the top. Each panel has a 1cm overlap for a seamless finish. If needed, mark a 1cm line on the wallpaper panel which is already on the wall to help you line up the pattern correctly. Use masking tape to hold it in place if you need to. If you are not a pro, do not install our wallpaper alone, you will need help to line up the pattern. 


6/ always use a brand new, sharp blade when trimming. If you do, the wallpaper will cut easily, just like butter 🙌. Unless you are pro, never ever trim the wallpaper until you’ve installed all the panels... there is nothing worse than trimming then realising you’ve made an error... then it’s too late to reposition the wallpaper once you’ve trimmed it.


7/ make sure to watch our full installation video. You’ll see Jon installing our peony garden wallpaper. 

Watch it here 👉  https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/pages/wallpaper-installation


8/ Don’t feel confident? Hire a pro! We offer an install service in Melbourne and surrounds. Book at check out or send us an email 👉 hello@minnieandmeinteriors.com or https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/pages/contact-us


Other points to remember about your Minnie and Me wallpaper:

  • we print on PhotoTex - the best fabric self adhesive media on the market
  • we use block out PhotoTex - you can apply our wallpaper to any coloured wall
  • it is made by a family of pros, right here in Australia  🙌


When only the best will do... purchase your wallpaper from @minnieandmeinteriors

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Any questions for the boys? Get in touch 👉 hello@minnieandmeinteriors.com or https://www.minnieandmeinteriors.com/pages/contact-us


Here’s Jon doing the install for our instructional video:


Pic 1: you will see here that Jon has placed panel 1 above the cornice, he will trim it later.


Pic 2: He is peeling down the backing sheet, then sticking and smoothing as he goes down the wall. Never remove the backing sheet entirely, slow and steady. 

Pic 3: Jon’s helper ensures that the 1cm overlap is correctly positioned, and that the pattern lines up at the bottom. He holds the wallpaper steady during installation if required. 


Pic 4:  Eve’s finished room. She loves it! 


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