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Minnie’s Garden Party

Welcome to Minnie’s Garden Party 

Minnie’s getting another room… say what?!

I absolutely adored Minnie’s most recent room, and I wouldn’t have changed it for a long long time, BUT, we have moved, so I really had no choice! I couldn’t reuse her wallpaper due to our new home having much higher ceilings, but our lovely friends have been able to give it a new home!

Did you know our wallpaper is completely removable and reusable? Here is Minnie’s wallpaper in its new home. We are thrilled that sisters, Abigail and Willow love their new wallpaper. This is happy Abby! 

Inspo and wallpaper

I have always dreamed of creating a floral mural in soft pastels colours. I have long admired this beautiful room by Molly Guy in Brooklyn, NYC.

Image via Pinterest

Tip: always hit Pinterest for inspo before starting your own project. 

In Minnie’s room I chose to wallpaper all three walls to really create that magical fairy garden feel. It paid off! I absolutely love the sensation of being surrounded by towering blooms, and the blush background makes the room feel so warm and cozy. The feature wall in Minnie’s room is also not a full wall due to obstacles such as the window, this was another reason I chose to wallpaper more than one wall.

Tip: start your room design with your wallpaper - it will guide all of your design choices.

BEFORE: Here is the room the day we moved in 

Tip: we had Minnie’s wallpaper professionally installed by my brother and Gary from Thistle Wallpapering. We selected to use pros given all the obstacles - door, windows and the air conditioning unit. 

 Here’s Gary hard at work, cutting around the a/c unit. He installed this panel from the bottom up due to the a/c unit being in an awkward position. 

Tip: we are currently renting. We gained permission from the landlord to install wallpaper, and we checked the walls had not been painted in wash and wear - you can’t apply removable wallpaper to washable paints as they contain ingredients that repel removable wallpaper and wall decals. Our wallpaper is 100% removable and reusable, therefore it kind on walls and suitable for use in rental homes. 


I wanted to incorporate Minnie’s existing bed, bedside, draws, floor cushion, play mat and storage baskets. Firstly, because I love absolutely love them, but secondly, they are costly items, so changing them often is not an option for us.

Tip: choose classic and good quality big ticket items that will last the test of time. You can update decor (e.g linen, cushions, artwork) to give the room a fresh look - decor is much cheaper to update as trends/ interests change. 

Mood board

All good design starts with a mood board, here is mine…

I quickly pulled this together on canva.

AFTER: From mood board to reality! 

New decor

Guided by my mood board, I added some new decor to Minnie’s room. I used the colours in the wallpaper to inform my choices, you'll see I used a lot of lilac, a very on trend colour right now…

  • a lilac vase and everlasting bouquet
  • a lilac doona cover and throw
  • cushions
  • butterfly decals and cushions - every garden needs butterflies
  • custom lilac mini everlasting blooms

Tip: you need some natural tones to balance out the pastels. You can see I did this with the cushions, throw and bedside table. Always add sheer curtains - they instantly soften the space and diffuse the light.  Because we are renting, I used removable large cable clips from Bunnings to hang them.


Given the wallpaper is such a feature, I kept styling minimal. We are lucky to have built in robes in our new home which means we have space to store toys, books etc behind closed doors.


I hope enjoyed Minnie’s room tour,

Kristy xo 

Get the look: 


🌸Butterfly decals and butterfly cushions x2 (in basket)

🌸Bedside table


🌸Crescent Bed


🌸Everlasting bouquet

🌸Mini everlasting flower arrangement

🌸Wooden bunnies

🌸Lamp - coming soon (eep!)

🌸Play mat and basket

🌸Cushions on bed x3

🌸Floor cushion

🌸Doona cover and throw