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Baby Cruze’s Nursery with Pottery Barn Kids

Let me be honest, I think I’m much better at designing and styling feminine spaces, I’m team pink and team floral all the way. But when new parents, Sarah and Jarrod asked me to create a space for their bundle of joy, Cruze, how could I refuse?! Challenge accepted!

The family live in the leafy green Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne in a house that gives me mid-century vibes. Sarah and Jarrod were happy to leave the design to me, but didn’t want the room to be too traditional or too white. The room was a blank canvas, so my first task was to make a shopping list and to do list.

The room before:

Nursery essentials list:

  • Cot and mattress
  • Dresser/ change table/ change mat
  • Nursing chair and side table

Nursery wish list:

  • Sheer curtains
  • Wallpaper
  • Shelving
  • Rug
  • Decorator items/ toys/ keep sakes
  • Basket/ storage
  • Plant
  • Artwork
  • Lighting

Next I created a quick vision board using pic collage on my iPhone. I headed straight to the Pottery Barn Kids website, a one stop shop for all things nurseries. The first thing that caught my eye, was the glorious West Elm x PBK mid-century cot in acorn.

Initial vision board:

I visited Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm at Chadstone Shopping Centre to meet with the design crew. Did you know that this is a free service? What I loved most was that they worked with my initial vision then elevated it!! Read all about their design services here:

After sharing my vision with the PBK team, and browsing the beautiful furniture and decor in store, the design team sent me a mood board. You’ll see that we started with a very neutral base, included gold accents, then added colour with the bedding, art and decor.

Mood board and room layout from the PBK design team:

Jarrod set to work on adding sheer curtains to the space. Sheers add softness and texture to bedrooms, a must have in my opinion. Jarrod installed the sheers himself for under $100. He purchased the brackets, rods and sheers from Spotlight.

Rugs are another non negotiable for me, perfect for somewhere soft to play, but also required to add warmth, texture and lightness. The dark charcoal carpet in the room was going to be much too heavy as base for the furniture we chose, a large ivory rug was therefore the perfect solution.

PBK provided a wonderful ‘white glove’ delivery and assembly service for Sarah and Jarrod. This service is great for busy parents who don’t have a spare moment for the nursery set up in the lead up to their little one’s arrival. The team were absolutely fantastic!

The delivery team hard at work:

The team put all of the furniture and rug in place, ready for us to style:

Let’s talk wallpaper… I provided my vision for the space to my talented graphic designer, and he came up with our exclusive “Baubles” wallpaper. I wanted something neutral that would last the test of time, something that would grow with Cruze, not something themed that we would have to change in the near future for his big boy room. Baubles is available in any colourway (we can change both the background and baubles/ lines to suit any room), for Cruze’s nursery we chose beige and white. Jarrod prepped the walls with viponds self adhesive prep coat at least 24 hours prior to the wallpaper installation. We wallpapered three walls, the fourth wall is floor to ceiling wardrobes.

For those installing their own wallpaper, head here for our wallpaper installation instructions:

Jon and Dad hard at work installing the wallpaper:

Once the wallpaper was installed and the furniture was assembled, I teamed up with PBK to style the space. We used bedding, blankets, toys, books, decor and plants to add life and colour, all sourced from PBK.

Welcome to Cruze’s nursery:

 Get the look:

Shop wallpaper:

Shop furniture and decor:

Shop these beautiful pieces at PBK and West Elm before they sell out.

Additional must have items:

Sleep Like Goldilocks takes the guesswork out of bedtimes, showing you on screen exactly what to dress bub in so their warm and snug for a perfect sleep.

Temperature prediction:
This clever little device can predict the in-room nursery temperature drop overnight, making sure bub is dressed not to hot, not too cold, but just right for a perfect night's sleep.
TOG Sleepwear Suggestions: 
Find TOG charts confusing? Not to worry, just one look at the screen to know exactly what to dress bub in so their warm and snug for a perfect sleep.
Room temp at a glance:
The colour changing night light lets you know the room temperature and sleepwear suggestion without having to check the screen.

The baby cream applicator is such a great invention!  Some parents don’t realize the bacteria they carry on their hands when they apply nappy cream to their babies bottoms, this can cause a urine infection and can irritate any rashes more. And even after applying nappy cream, the applicator should be used to avoid any spreads of bacteria post changing a nappy. Also, when on the go it’s a lot more hygienic, it’s also makes it comfortable for anyone baby sitting to do nappy changes. No more nappy cream under your nails or residue left over on your hands.  It is a multi-use product and can be used to apply chest rub, cradle cap cream, face creams, adult face masks


Wallpaper installation: Nagambie Signs and Graphics
Design and styling: MMI and PBK
Photography: Rachel Winton