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Project Malik for Sarah Marie Fahd

Meet Sarah and the Fahd family:

Sarah Marie Fahd is a TV commenter, wifey to Matty Fahd and Mama to Malik and fur baby, Bane.

Malik is dino obsessed, so Sarah Marie requested a tasteful and stylish yet funky dino room. Elisa from Blond + Noir was just the gal to bring this to life. 

Read here our tips for doing a themed room with style:

Malik's room:

Elisa used on trend earthy tones, a calming mix of greens, browns and oranges. 

The heroes of this room are easily the wallpaper and wall decals, all available from Blond + Noir and Minnie and Me Interiors. We think this room is REX-ELLENT! 

1. Dino wallpaper - Jungle:

3. 1 pack A4, 1 pack A3 & 1 pack Uber rounded foot prints - Custom jungle colours: 

Elisa’s prints plus the neon led light name and the dino name, both by Letterly elevate the look: 

1. I am Rex-ellent print - Miss

2. I am brave print - Sphinx

3. Led neon name

4. Blond + Noir printed name

And last but not least, this designer room would not be complete without the Darcy bed by Hide and Seek Kids. This bed comes with a designer look, without the designer price tag. High five!

Decor pieces can be found at:

1. Archie Retro Padded playmat

2. Dinosaur name blocks

3. Play Seat in Sandy Beige

4. Eucalyptus 1:1 birth plaque

 Thank you and credits:

A massive thanks to Sarah Marie Fahd and Matty Fahd for letting us make over Malik's space! 

This room is proudly brought to you by Hide and Seek Kids and Blond + Noir - supported by Minnie and Me Interiors & Maple and Elm Studio.